Acne products

Here is a list of some of the most popular acne products available. Read the reviews to find out what they promise, if they actually work, how well they work, and if there is a better alternative.

This list will always be growing, as more and more companies create products aimed to treat acne. As usual, you will find unbiased reviews based on the scientific proof each product has to back it up, and personal experiences of people who have tried the product.

Of course, if there are any risks or other potential dangersto be aware of with any acne products, this will be noted in the research.

Now, without further delay…onto the reviews!

Proactive Solutions
Find out the truth behind the the internets biggest name in acne products.

Zenmeds Derma Cleanse
Derma cleanse is one of the top selling acne products ever. But does it do what it says? Find out more here.

Benzoyl peroxide
A classic treatment, and a must read for anyone who is trying to find something better.

Treating Acne With Tea Tree Oil
Dubbed the herbal, organic benzoyl peroxide. We expose the truth behind this essential oil

The “wonder drug” for acne. But what about all the side effects?? Find out about accutane here.

yasmin and acne
Can birth control help acne? If so…what birth control works best? read here to find out more.

blue Light and acne
Blue Light Therapy is the latest trend for trying to treat acne.
But can looking at a blue light do anything for the skin?
Find out the truth here.

If there is something you’d like reviewed, please email me at [email protected], and I’ll do the research to see what its all about.