Derma Cleanse

Zenmed Derma Cleanse – Overpromise, and underdeliver.

Zenmed is the company that creates the 2 nd biggest online acne medication, Derma Cleanse.

According to Zenmed, Derma cleanse is a 3 part system that helps stop acne by working at “the source”, as well as on the skins surface.

There are just 2 problems with the Derma Cleanse system. The treatment does nothing to treat acne at “the source”, and acne doesn’t live at the skins surface.

The internal treatment consists of taking an herbal pill. They claim that this helps treat acne at the source. However, there is NOT ONE scientific study or clinical trial that shows any of the ingredients in the pill can help stop acne at all.

As for both the external “gentle wash” and the acne gel, the wash may be good for healthy skin, but it does absolutely nothing for acne. Remember, acne is below the surface of the skin, and is NOT caused by dirt. Cleaning your face will not prevent acne, and this is all the wash does.

The acne gel isn’t much better. It does have the only herbal acne treatment proven to help acne (tea tree oil), but again, the rest of the gel will do nothing for acne.

Furthermore, out of 9 personal experiences of uses posted up on some of the biggest acne websites, 7 of the 9 said the Derma Cleanse treatment system did nothing for their acne.

These are not company testimonials, these are just everyday people, who want to let others know that Derma Cleanse does not work for them.

When you consider that the price of this product is almost $100.00, it makes a lot more sense to save the money for another treatment.

The best herbal treatment I’ve found is tea tree oil. It is the best herbal alternative to benzoyl peroxide, and it’s had the studies done to prove it. Click here for more info on tea tree oil and acne.