Scabbed Pimples

Scabbed Pimples are the result of acne overdrying and the skin cracking and scabbing over, or acne that has burst (or popped), and then scabbed over.

Once a pimple has scabbed over, there are 3 steps to follow.

First – Clean the area around the scab with an anti bacterial wash. Something with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide will do well. Proactive’s Derma cleanse is highly recommended for this.

Second – Treat the scabbed pimple. An oil free fast healing cream will work for this, but the best thing we have found is vitamin E. A vitamin E Gelcap can be punctured, and applied directly on the Scab. Vitamin E is natures wonder vitamin for the skin, and it promotes fast healing. Use just enough to rub into the skin around the pimple scab. Do not over do it, though, to avoid future breakouts. This should all be done before you go to bed, if possible.

Third – Conceal and protect the scabbed pimple. The next morning you want to conceal and protect. A dab of toner or concealer that matches your skin tone will do the trick, and an oil free sunscreen will help keep the area from becoming irritated. Apply the sunscreen first, and then the concealer. Remember to apply it directly onto the scab, and use as little as possible to keep more pimples from popping up.

This technique will help you minimize the scarring damage a scab will create, and help heal the scab faster than it would on it’s own. The best way to treat a scab though is to not let it ever start. Use a daily face wash like derma Cleanse can be the single best thing you do for your skin.