Vitamins that help acne

There are some vitamins that help acne, and these can be a great place to start when treating acne. Not only will they help stop acne, they also will help your body in many different ways.

The following is a list of vitamins that help acne, as well as supplements that help acne. Lear the ways they will help, and recommended daily dosages to prevent acne.

Vitamin A –
Vitamin is A is one of several vitamins that hep acne because it controls Sebum production in the skin, which is where the acne causing bacteria start.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 25,000 IU per day for the first month. Then, reduce it to 10,000 IU after 1 month, or when healing is noticed (whichever comes first). Do not take more than 5,000 IU if you are pregnant, and don’t take vitamin A if you are taking isotretinoin.

Vitamin B6 –
B6 vitamins that help acne work by regulating hormone levels, particularly during menstral cycles and menopause.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 50 mg every morning. Warning: do not take excessive amounts of B6. Studies have shown that long term dosage of 200 mg or more can cause nerve damage.

Vitamin C –
The “cure all, immune system boosting” vitamin. No surprise it helps in treating acne, because it boosts the immune system and fights of the excessive bacteria that cause acne.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 1000 mg a day. However, reduce this amount if diarahea develops.

Minerals –

Zinc –
This mineral will reduce inflammation, helps immune function, and keeps hormone levels in check.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 30 mg of zinc a day. If taking for more than a month, add 2 mg of copper as well.

Copper –
Copper is necessary for proper body function, however, the 30 mg of zinc will reduce copper absorption. So it is necessary to take Copper if using zinc for more than a month.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 2 mg a day, if taking zinc for more than 30 days.

Flaxseed Oil –
This is an essential fatty acid that will help your body when taking Zinc. It also helps dilute the Sebum, therefore preventing clogged pores.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 14 grams a day (about 1 tablespoon). Take it with food in the morning.

Evening Primrose –
Similar to flaxseed oil, Evening Primrose helps dilute the sebum in the pores, and keeps it from clogging and allowing bacteria to grow.
Recommended Daily Dosage – 800 mg, 3 times a day.